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At the Academy, our mission is to provide a comprehensive player development program in Northern California. We focus on developing both physical and mental skills, fostering camaraderie, and promoting leadership to create well-rounded players capable of excelling in any team's system.


We adhere to our H.E.L.D standards:

Hard work as the foundation for success, high

Energy levels (positive and constructive)

Leadership development

Discipline to accomplish goals consistently.


We expect all members and their families to embrace these standards. Our classes include:

  • Fundamentalists (Ages 7-12, <1.5 years of basketball experience): This class is currently open to all sign-ups. 

    • Building foundational basketball skills

    • Emphasizing footwork, coordination, and balance

    • Teaching defensive principles

    • Cultivating positive team habits

We are closing our Academy @ Steinbeck location on December 30th. We will only be holding classes at our new facility, The Grove, beginning from January 2nd and on.  Thank you for your ongoing support and we hope to see at our Showtime Academy @ The Grove.

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