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Our Mission

At the Academy, our mission is to provide the most complete player development program in Northern California. We understand that in order for a player to be competing at the highest levels, they must possess the physical and mental tools. From skill development, to mental fortitude, to camaraderie, and leadership, we aim to craft a player that can excel in any team’s system.

H.E.L.D Standards

At the Academy, we stand by our H.E.L.D standards: It begins with Hard work, which is the foundation for success. Next we demand a high level of Energy, which can be loud or it can be silent focus, but it must remain positive and constructive. Then we have Leadership, this has been what our program is built on. We pride ourselves on building better teammates, communicators, and contributors. Lastly, we have discipline, that is the ability to accomplish your goals and tasks regardless of how you feel or how you are perceived. We ask that each member, and their family, in our Academy hold these standards at the forefront and remain present.

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