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Summer Programs

Everything You'll Need To Know

The summer period presents a unique opportunity for athletes to gain a competitive edge over their peers. During this time, athletes have the freedom to focus intensely on their training and skill development without the distractions of academic commitments. Those who make the most of this period by dedicating themselves to improvement will often see significant progress that can translate into success in the upcoming seasons.


Despite the fact that this particular summer break may be shorter than usual, typically lasting only 2-3 months, it still provides a substantial window of time for athletes to separate themselves from their competition. This concentrated period of focused training can lead to substantial gains in skill, strength, and overall athletic performance.

Unlike traditional summer camps, which may prioritize recreational activities and offer limited athletic training, our program is specifically designed for serious athletes who are committed to taking their game to the next level. We aim to provide the most comprehensive programming possible.


In conjunction with our year-round Academy, we are proud to present our summer offerings:

These summer programs will run from June 3rd until August 23rd.

The Chamber Hours are scheduled from

Monday through Friday, 9AM to 1PM

While our College Readiness Program (CRP) operates from

Monday through Friday, 1PM to 5PM.​

Chamber Hours & College Readiness Program

Learn More About:

Acknowledging the challenges some families may face in transporting their children between sessions, particularly with multiple programs like Chamber Hours, CRP, and Academy, we aim to accommodate their needs.

While we recognize the need for a place for children to spend time between sessions, it's important to clarify that we won't provide babysitting services, nor will the court be available for free play during this time.

To address this, we'll designate a portion of our space for a Study Corner, where athletes can engage in enriching activities while waiting.

Athletes are encouraged to bring summer assignments, books, or other activities to keep them occupied during this period.

We want to ensure that athletes make the most of their time with us, even during the intervals between sessions.

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