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Our private training has two aspects, the main focus is skill development. The 1 on 1 setting allows us to dive deep into an athlete’s game. At times, it will be building their strength or bringing up a weakness or developing confidence and grit through times of adversity. Our comprehensive program includes work on the court as well as breaking down film to understand the game better.

Aside from the on-court skill development, we put a huge emphasis on developing a player’s athleticism. Before being able to perform well in any sport, let alone Basketball, you must first be a well-rounded athlete. This means being fast, strong, and explosive. But it doesn’t stop there, athleticism can also mean being able to stop on a dime, absorbing contact through the lane, or processing the game at a quicker rate. Our strength and conditioning program is aimed to teach an athlete how to build their bodies to handle the demands of basketball and gain an edge, athletically.

Training is inherently a process of building consistency over a long period of time. Results may come quickly for certain skills but slowly for others. It is dependent on an athlete’s ability to pick things up, break or build habits, and diligence on their own time. Our coaches focus on guiding the athletes to do the right things in the right way. We put in the countless hours behind the scenes, so that when the curtains open up, it’s Showtime!

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