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Our team is composed of talented coaches who are dedicated to serve the youth in spreading and preserving the culture of basketball! We are led by our Founder, Coach Derrick Nguyen along with our two College Readiness Program coaches, Coach Austin Bice and Coach Jorge Galvan. As for our general Academy Sessions & Private-Trainings, we have our three young coaches: Coach Lam Pham, and Coach Ronmar Taal!


Derrick Nguyen

Founder and CEO

Greetings, I am Derrick Nguyen and I am the founder of the Showtime Basketball Academy. I discovered a passion for pushing athletes, to and through their limits, in order to get the best out of them. Outside of coaching basketball, I really enjoy spending time with my family and traveling the world. I hope that our efforts, at the academy, can advance the culture and love for the game in the San Jose area. 


Austin Bice

CRP & Academy Coach

Hey! I am Austin Bice and I am one of the coaches of Showtime Basketball Academy. My desire is to serve as a coach and mentor to kids that need a positive influence who can teach them leadership, compassion, and accountability. Outside of the academy, I enjoy road-trips and spending time with my family. ​ ​


Jorge Galvan

CRP & Academy Coach

Hey, I am Jorge Galvan and I am one of the coaches at Showtime Basketball Academy. As a former international student-athlete I have always had the dream of being a coach and mentor, helping kids to reach their goals and dreams while preparing them for life through basketball. Outside of basketball, I like working out and traveling.


Lam Pham

Academy Coach

Hi! I'm Lam Pham and I am a coach at Showtime Basketball Academy. My dream is to guide as many kids as possible to reach their maximum potential as both a basketball player and a person while making sure their love for the game never fades. Outside of basketball, I enjoy quality time with my friends and family.


Ronmar Taal

Academy Coach

Hello! I’m Ronmar Taal and I’m a coach at the Showtime Basketball Academy. I strive to make an impact in the community through coaching. I hope to mold kids into both respectable players and people. Outside of basketball, I enjoy meeting new people, and playing with my cat, Sesame.

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