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Regarding Chamber Hours & College Readiness Program

What about Academy?

Academy will continue to run Monday-Thursday & Saturdays at its regularly scheduled time.


More about session packages?

All session packages must be utilized between June 3rd and August 23rd.

Payments for sessions are due at the start of each package term.

Upon consumption of all sessions, you may purchase a new package.

Unused sessions will expire at the end of the day on August 23rd.

Refunds for session packages will not be issued unless under extenuating circumstances.


Where will this be taking place?

All training sessions will be conducted at The Grove, located at 2099 S 10th Street, Unit 90.


How is Group Training structured?

Our coaching staff organizes groups based on skill levels and/or ages to ensure tailored instruction for each participant.

Upon acceptance into the program, students will be placed in the group that best suits their abilities.

The scheduling of training group sessions will be coordinated between coaches and participating students to accommodate everyone's availability and preferences.


How do we schedule training?


Training sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis directly with your coach. Our training packages are session-based. The 8-session package is designed for clients attending training twice per week, while the 12-session package is tailored for clients attending training thrice per week.


How do I make payments?

Payments can be made digitally via:

Venmo: @sanjoseshowtime


Acknowledging the challenges some families may face in transporting their children between sessions, particularly with multiple programs like Chamber Hours, CRP, and Academy, we aim to accommodate their needs.

While we recognize the need for a place for children to spend time between sessions, it's important to clarify that we won't provide babysitting services, nor will the court be available for free play during this time.

To address this, we'll designate a portion of our space for a Study Corner, where athletes can engage in enriching activities while waiting.

Athletes are encouraged to bring summer assignments, books, or other activities to keep them occupied during this period.

We want to ensure that athletes make the most of their time with us, even during the intervals between sessions.

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