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College Readiness Program


Our College Readiness Program (CRP) is led by Coach Ant, Coach Derrick, and staff, who bring decades of training and coaching experience with players of all levels, including collegiate and professional athletes.


College and professional athletes were professionals in their craft long before they actually inherited the title. It is defined by their commitment to getting better each and every day. This commitment starts with cultivating the right mindset, refining necessary skill sets, and consistently putting in the work.


When we talk about "College Readiness," we're referring to players who aspire to reach that level in the future. Our program is tailored to help you excel at your current level while also preparing you for the next step in your career.


CRP sessions will consist of both one-on-one training and small group sessions, each lasting 60 minutes. Your weekly schedule will be determined in collaboration with your coaches, allowing for flexibility and personalized attention.


Our sessions will encompass a mix of skill development, specific film breakdown sessions, IQ development training, and controlled live play.


Our 1 on 1 setting is for individuals who need targeted and individualized training. While our small group setting is for players who need to enhance their ability to read defensive strategies or adapt their skills to game-speed scenarios.


Ultimately, a balanced approach is crucial for maximizing skill sets and achieving dominance in team sports.

Acknowledging the challenges some families may face in transporting their children between sessions, particularly with multiple programs like Chamber Hours, CRP, and Academy, we aim to accommodate their needs.

While we recognize the need for a place for children to spend time between sessions, it's important to clarify that we won't provide babysitting services, nor will the court be available for free play during this time.

To address this, we'll designate a portion of our space for a Study Corner, where athletes can engage in enriching activities while waiting.

Athletes are encouraged to bring summer assignments, books, or other activities to keep them occupied during this period.

We want to ensure that athletes make the most of their time with us, even during the intervals between sessions.

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